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Certified Assistance Dog Training Course

Empower Lives, Transform Canines

Are you looking to train service dogs, and more specifically, medical alert dogs? At CMAC, our comprehensive assistance dog trainer course is tailored to provide you with the specialized expertise needed for training dogs in crucial medical alert scent detection tasks. Additionally, you'll gain the skills to coach individuals who depend on these remarkable canines for their life-changing abilities.

service dog training class

Comprehensive Program with a Focus on Medical Alert Training

Embark on a rewarding career as a certified service dog trainer with CMAC. Master the art of training service dogs and fostering the human-canine bond through our comprehensive program, designed to be completed in approximately a year. Grounded in behavior and training fundamentals, our curriculum specializes in medical assistance training programs for dogs, optimizing your skills for a fulfilling profession.

Service dog training requires a profound understanding of diverse disabilities. Our courses empower you with empathy, patience, and expertise, enabling you to navigate this challenging yet rewarding career path. Over the year-long course, participants will learn over 30 service dog behaviors, with a significant emphasis on medical alert training. This includes training for conditions such as diabetes, seizures, psychiatric conditions, migraines, and more—all of which involve scent training.

At the Center for the Study of Medical Assistance Canines, our program offers a comprehensive curriculum and certification in assistance dog training. Gain the tools, resources, and ethical framework needed for effective and professional service dog training. Learn to collaborate with clients, understand unique requirements, and facilitate the maintenance and transfer of service dogs' training.

Step into a rewarding career as a service dog trainer with CMAC, where our proven methodology and expert guidance ensure you excel in this specialized field. Transform lives and cultivate an extraordinary connection between humans and assistance dogs.

Contact us today to kickstart your journey as a certified service dog trainer. Together, let's shape a world where dogs provide essential support and enhance the lives of those in need.

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