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Working With Research Teams

Advancing Knowledge: Pioneering Research on Medical Assistance Canines

At CMAC (The Center for the Study of Medical Assistance Canines), we actively engage in groundbreaking research projects, collaborating with leading experts and institutions around the world, to push the boundaries of medical detection. With our wealth of expertise and experience, we offer valuable opportunities for collaboration on research projects related to medical detection.

Golden Retriever

Collaborative Research and Innovations with CMAC

Jennifer Cattet Ph.D., our CEO, has made significant contributions to the field. She played a pivotal role in the first study examining dogs' ability to detect hypoglycemia, shedding light on their remarkable scent-detection capabilities in managing diabetes. Additionally, Jennifer contributed to the first study demonstrating the existence of a scent associated with seizures and the successful training of dogs to detect it. We are currently working with research teams in the United States and France.

We welcome collaboration with researchers, scientists, and institutions interested in exploring the extraordinary abilities of canines in medical detection. By partnering with The Center for the Study of Medical Assistance Canines (CMAC), you gain access to our extensive knowledge, resources, and network. Together, we can further investigate scent detection, expand our understanding of various medical conditions, and develop innovative techniques to improve the lives of individuals in need.

Our collaborative research projects at CMAC have the potential to revolutionize medical detection and enhance the field of assistance dog training. We emphasize a multidisciplinary approach, combining expertise from diverse fields such as behavior science, psychology, and scent detection analysis. By joining forces with CMAC, you can tap into our rich research ecosystem, where innovative ideas thrive and pioneering discoveries are made.

Collaborating with CMAC opens doors to exciting possibilities. Our research initiatives are not only scientifically significant but also hold the potential to create a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals with medical conditions. By harnessing the incredible scent detection capabilities of dogs, we can develop non-invasive, early detection methods and assist in the development of advanced medical technologies.

To explore collaboration opportunities or discuss research projects related to medical detection, reach out to CMAC. Together, let's embark on a journey of discovery, innovation, and transformative breakthroughs in the fascinating field of medical assistance canines.

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