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About CMAC: Center for the Study of Medical Assistance Canines


The Center for the Study of Medical Assistance Canines (CMAC), founded by Jennifer Cattet Ph.D., caters to dog trainers, medical professionals, and service dog programs seeking expert coaching. With extensive experience in expanding service dog offerings to include medical alert dogs, Jennifer has helped numerous trainers and programs internationally. Specializing in diabetic alert dogs, seizure alert dogs, psychiatric service dogs, mobility assistance dogs, and autism dogs, CMAC provides individually tailored coaching to meet program needs. ​

Focused on science-based, ethical, and force-free training methods, CMAC delivers cutting-edge techniques for medical assistance dog training. Our goal is to create efficient and practical training programs, drawing on applied behavior analysis principles and years of field experience.


CMAC offers a range of teaching and coaching services. Jennifer Cattet Ph.D. and her team, assists organizations in developing and implementing new service dog programs, while also educating professional dog trainers about medical assistance dogs. Consultation services are provided either in-person or online, depending on the organization's requirements and circumstances.

All our teaching adheres to the following principles:

  • Developing optimal training programs with clear criteria and quality assessments

  • Applying principles of applied behavior analysis and canine cognition for efficient and collaborative training based on positive reinforcement principles.

  • Respecting the needs of both dogs and clients

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We provide seminars, webinars, private coaching (in-person and online), consulting, and research on various subjects, including:

  • Dog selection for service dog work

  • Developing partnerships with rescues and shelters

  • Establishing breeding programs or working with breeders

  • Foundation training for all service dogs, including curriculum development and progress assessments

  • Advanced training and assessments

  • Public Access training, legal aspects, assessments, and public interactions

  • Specialized training for specific disabilities: Diabetes, Epileptic seizures, Autism Spectrum and Psychiatric disorders, mobility impairment

  • Scent training for medical detection, from indication to discrimination and alerting

  • Setting up new service dog organizations

  • Optimization of existing training programs

  • Transitioning from traditional to positive science-based training methods

  • Addressing behavior issues, treatment, and decision-making regarding dog release from the program

  • Research in medical detection, including cancer, SARS-COV-2, diabetes, seizures, migraines, pain, and more.

Choose CMAC for comprehensive expertise, unparalleled coaching, and cutting-edge research in medical assistance canine training. We are dedicated to transforming the lives of individuals through the power of well-trained service dogs and continuous innovation.

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