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Jennifer Cattet Ph.D.

Expert Dog Trainer, Author, and Pioneer in Canine Medical Detection

Jennifer Cattet Ph.D., with close to 40 years of professional dog training experience, has made significant contributions to the field of service dog training. Her journey in the service dog field began as an instructor to inmates/trainers in a prison program. She went on to establish Medical Mutts, an organization specializing in training rescue dogs as medical assistance dogs. With a scientific background, Jennifer actively participates in groundbreaking studies on canine medical detection.

As a leading educator, Jennifer Cattet has imparted her knowledge to hundreds of trainers, empowering them to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. Her expertise lies in diabetic alert dogs, seizure alert dogs, and psychiatric service dogs, while also encompassing other conditions like mobility issues and autism spectrum disorder.

Jennifer Cattet

Jennifer Cattet Ph.D. is not only an accomplished trainer but also a prolific writer. With a collection of over 100+ blogs, she has authored books and created training videos. Her systematic and practical approach to dog training emphasizes efficiency and standards, while prioritizing the partnership between dog and handler. Collaboration and trust are at the core of her methods, ensuring dogs willingly offer desired behaviors and are rewarded accordingly.

Jennifer's latest book, "Selecting and Training Your Service Dog: How to succeed in Public Access Work," provides readers with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in service dog training and public access scenarios.

Fluent in both English and French, Jennifer Cattet Ph.D. bridges continents, frequently traveling between the US and Europe to coach trainers. Her multicultural background enhances her ability to connect with diverse audiences and deliver comprehensive training in multiple languages.

Experience the expertise and innovation of Jennifer Cattet Ph.D., an influential figure in the realm of service dog training, and discover how her methods can transform the lives of both dogs and individuals with disabilities.


  • Doctorate degree from the University of Geneva (Switzerland) – Ethology, Experimental and cognitive psychology. Dissertation: “Spatial navigation in dogs: an exploration of strategies involved in cognitive mapping.” (L’orientation spatiale chez le chien: exploration des stratégies impliquées dans l’élaboration de la carte cognitive).

  • Assistant professor for the Department of Ethology at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Geneva (Switzerland).

  • Founder of Animalin, L’École du Chien, the first professional dog training school offering clicker training in France. 

  • Director of Training for the Indiana Canine Assistance Network (ICAN), a prison-based service dog program in Indiana (USA).

  • Consultant for the development of hi-tech training and enrichment devices for pets and blogger for Smart Animal Training Systems (The Pet Tutor).

  • Consultant for several service dog training organizations.

  • Founder and Executive Director for Medical Mutts Service Dogs Inc.

  • Biomedical detection in dogs (lab research).

  • CPDT-KA certified.



Jennifer Cattet Ph.D.

Selecting And Training Your Service Dog: How to Succeed in Public Access Work

Watching a service dog and their handler working as a team in a busy public space is a thing of beauty. Not every dog has the temperament or genetic make-up to do service work, but with the proper reward-based training, many dogs can succeed in public areas. Succeeding in Public Access Work is the subject of Jennifer Cattet’s new book, which is especially important given some controversies surrounding poorly or un-trained service dogs being brought into public areas. Jennifer prepares you and your dog to meet the standards of the Public Access Test developed by Assistance Dogs International. While the book focuses on training, it also covers in detail several other important questions including:

  • ·How much time, effort, and cost are involved in acquiring and training a service dog?

  • ·Can you train a shelter dog for service work and are there breeds of dogs you should avoid?

  • ·What are your rights and the laws relating to service dogs?

  • ·How do you deal with the public when working with your service dog?

selecting and training your service dog book
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